Exclusive interview for ESC REPORTER!

After NeAngely surprisingly didn’t win the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2014 and received the 5th place, ESC Reporter caught up with the girls (Victoria & Slava) to talk about their thoughts on the results of the national final and their future plans.

The full interview:

  • What made you decide to enter the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2014?
    “Participating in the national selection is a good experience for any artist. Especially when you’re confident about your ability to represent your country. We are very happy to have become the favorites of the Ukrainian selection and we’re satisfied with our performance in spite of the results. A lot of things are out of our control, but we are not going to stop, there are many victories ahead! Before the results were announced, we were considered #1 contender. After all, for us the main thing is seeing the support of our fans and all those who showed us their encouragement online.”
  • How did you get to work with Alexander Bard? How did you find each other?
    “Mamamusic, a company run by Yuriy Nikitin, contacted Alexander for possible collaboration, and he agreed instantly. In his own words, he was very much impressed by our vocals, he compared our deep voices with that of Cher, who happens to be our favorite artist and inspiration.

It’s no secret that Alexander Bard is an idol for many. We were among those who grew up listening to his songs, and it’s a great honor for us to work with him.”

  • Who chose the song “Courageous” for the two of you?
    “Alexander Bard offered the song himself. It sounds different from what we’ve been doing before, but it’s very close to us. Both the music and the lyrics are inspiring for all to stand tall, be strong and courageous in any situation!”
  • Have you watched Eurovision in past years? Which song is the favorite for each of you?
    “For Victoria, Ani Lorak’s (Ukrainian) “Shady Lady” was one of the best performances. And Slava loves Dana International’s ‘Diva.’” 
  • NeAngely has been together as a group since 2006. How has it been working together personally and professionally since NeAngely’s creation?
    “We’ve been through a lot together. To tell the truth, we are very different. As they say, hate is just one step away from love, this is totally our case (laughs). But whatever happens in life, on stage we are one! Probably it’s one of the secrets of our success.”
  • You have had many hit songs in Ukraine, such as “Киев-Москва,” “Твоя,” and “Роман.” What style of songs will you release in the future.
    “Our plans are grand! We realize that our fans love the lyrics in our (and their) own language, and we’ll keep on with songs in Russian. At the same time, we want to hit Europe as well, so… We believe that we’ve already found our style, and we’ll keep exploring.”
  • NeAngely just released their second album “Роман.” What countries will it be released in? Do you plan on releasing singles or albums in other countries?
    “We’ll keep you posted. :) “